Elite Air Conditioning Service


It?s a scene every home owner wishes to avoid: an air conditioning breakdown in the middle of 90?+ summer temperatures. To stay comfortable, healthy, and productive in our climate, you need a trustworthy air conditioning expert to keep AC components clean, serviced, and performing at optimum efficiency.

Warning Signs of an AC Breakdown

Even if it hasn?t stopped working completely, your air conditioner may still be on the fritz. Signs and symptoms of a lurking AC repair include:

  • Noise. By now, you know what your air conditioner sounds like. If your system begins to make strange sounds, it?s time to call in a professional. An ailing fan belt, fan motor, compressor, or blower wheel could be to blame. Even if it seems like a minor noise, our HVAC team may be able to prevent a small problem from becoming a major repair.
  • Inflated energy bills. If your AC bill is higher with each passing month, it?s a sign something is going wrong. When AC equipment reaches 10 years of age, it may be time to consider a high-efficiency upgrade. The NATE-certified technicians at Elite Heating & Cooling will give you honest recommendations about repair and replacement options that fit your budget. No aggressive sales tactics, ever.
  • Weak airflow. If your air conditioning system seems to be putting out a lot of effort for little airflow, it could be on the verge of failure. Sometimes a simple filter change can help, but you may need to replace a blower or motor. During your air conditioning service, our team will determine the most cost-effective course of action to improve airflow and restore your comfort.

Elite Heating & Cooling is proud to keep homes in Mousouri cool and comfortable with a range of comprehensive air conditioning services.

Elite Heating & Cooling’s? expertise includes:

Air conditioning replacement & installation
Air conditioning repair
Air conditioning maintenance service

Heat pump installation
Heat pump maintenance
Heat pump repair
Refrigerant leak detection & repair
Refrigerant recovery & recycling


Attentive maintenance and routine service can help to prevent costly air conditioning repairs. Ask about our Elite Comfort Club annual maintenance agreements, which provide affordable protection for new and aging systems.