Food Service Repair

Food Service Repair

Elite Mechanical has excellent in-house ability for conceptualizing, designing, engineering, constructing and maintaining refrigerated environments for diverse applications.

Within the food service industry Elite Mechanical can handle most commercial requirements.

Their cooling systems are well-resourced at carrying food products to your favorite superstore by offering needed commercial cooling system to the food processing industry.

We create hi-tech commercial cooling systems that are needed to move gas via pipelines and manufacture energy, all on a daily basis. We are extremely familiar with the food service industries. We are involved in food processing, food storage, beverage making, poultry, red meat, ice, seafood, dairy, fruit and vegetables and expediency food applications.

Increasing need for refrigeration at present is found more due to production and demand of perishable products and also due to changes in atmospheric conditions. Food industries require more reliable facilities of cold storage and freezers. Elite Mechanical comes to the aid of all in need of refrigerated systems.

From a 5’x6′ walk-in cooler to refrigerated distribution facilities, Elite Mechanical is a qualified mechanical contractor that can specify and build the insulated structure along with the complete mechanical refrigerator system.

We can provide design services for freezer floors, door systems, outdoor structures and all types of mechanical systems, by using one contractor you are assured of a seamless design with quality components that will perform exceptionally well.

  • Cold Storage Facilities
  • Walk-In Coolers
  • Walk-In Freezers
  • Refrigeration Mechanical Equipment
  • Design, Planning & Fabrication
  • Complete Turn-Key Construction

Elite Mechanical can provide cost effective solutions for all types of temperature controlled space. I offer a variety of insulated panel systems along with quality mechanical equipment that are chosen to fit your purpose and budget. Many projects suffer from a general contractor that has no experience with cold storage construction; they rely upon random subcontractors for the cheapest solution to offer the customer. This approach often results in an inferior design and products that will not perform as expected or have a limited life span. With my experience we can discuss the options to assure that you can make informed decisions on what you are buying and why.

Elite Mechanical is a Licensed, Bonded and insured contractor.

We feel confident that with our experience and resources in cold storage construction we can achieve timely and economical results on any size project for you. Elite Mechanical has a team of experienced contractors and suppliers that are versed in cold storage construction and mechanical refrigeration design and repair.



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Thank you, Elite for offering excellent care and service to our real estate clients. You are quick to respond, great customer service and are very knowledgeable!

AND we just love our new humidifier in our own home. We will continue to recommend you to our friends, family and clients.


Elite was recommended to us by a friend. They were extremely professional from the first phone call until the job was done. They were able to schedule our job quickly, they were done on time and all the employees we worked with were great! We would highly recommend Elite for any residential or commercial job. Thanks so much for the exceptional service!


Best group of techs and office staff a company could have. Down to earth and honest. Tell u what you need and don’t try to upsell you on equipment you don’t need. True troubleshooting techs still. Hard to find