Elite Comfort Club Agreement


Did you know that your heating and air conditioning system is the single most energy-consuming appliance in your home?  If it’s not performing to its maximum potential, you could be losing hundreds or thousands each year in repair costs and wasted energy.

At Elite Heating & Cooling, we evaluate your home’s energy use and HVAC performance so you can avoid high utility bills and emergency breakdowns.  With the money you’ll save, you can plan for your future and take care of your family’s needs—and that is the best part of all.

Advantages of a Elite’s Energy Savings and Comfort Club Agreement

It’s amazing what you get with our affordable Energy Savings and Comfort Club Agreement. Not only will your air conditioning and heating systems last longer and run stronger, but you will also benefit from:

More affordable utility bills
No overtime charges when inevitable repairs arise
Priority service status
Automatic notification of service visits
10% discount on repairs
10% discount on indoor air quality products
Improved comfort & peace of mind
Automatic renewals so you won’t forget to service your equipment
Written system condition report that allows you to plan for upcoming service & repairs
Energy Savings Agreement Service Inclusions

Your initial and follow-up energy savings visits include a comprehensive list of services designed to keep your home comfort systems running efficiently. During your appointment, an Elite Heating & Cooling NATE- and EPA-certified tech will:

Clean or replace filters
Check auxiliary heat
Check condensate drain & pump
Check defrost control
Check electrical connections
Check indoor & outdoor coils
Check evaporator coil
Clean condenser coil as needed
Check heat exchanger
Check refrigerant levels
Check for proper venting
Inspect refrigerant levels
Check for refrigerant leaks
Check safety controls & system operation
Check thermostat & operating temperatures
Clean burners
Inspect air duct system
Check amperage draw
Test starting capabilities
Make necessary system adjustments
Clean & calibrate controls
Make recommendations for improved performance
Provide a written condition report
Oil & grease as needed


Elite Heating & Cooling recommends Lennox’s ENERGY STAR approved heat pumps and central AC systems. These systems will save you money and limit your environmental impact. If you’re going green, ask us about high-efficiency equipment options and other energy-saving strategies.

To purchase an Elite Energy Savings and Comfort Club Agreement or speak with our team about seasonal maintenance for your air conditioner, heating system, heat pump, or ductless mini split, call (636) 887-0971 now.